Battle of the Bald: Do Hair Restoration Treatments Work?

Baldness has been-been an ongoing battle fought by men and women all over the world for many centuries. This ongoing battle will probably last until the end of time until somebody stumbles upon a solution to this problem in the most unusual place one can imagine. There have been many claims of success and even more claims of finding the cure to baldness, but there’s only one thing in common with all these claims, money.

There are many treatments available today on the market for bald men and women to try, There are ointments, creams and shampoos one can use to supposedly make your hair grow. I speak from experience as I am going bald and have tried most of the products on the market to help me fight this battle, unfortunately, with no success. I am still going bald and will continue to go bald as I get older. The only option I have not tried are the hair transplant or hair plugs procedure, which I have seen first hand and can confidently say, it works.

This new weapon in the battle of the bald has allowed men and women from all over the world to attack this problem and provide a new solution to this centuries old battle. Just like with any procedure, there can be complications and failures, but by far this is the best option at the moment for baldness. This is a technique that requires surgery, it takes good hair from areas of your head or body and transplants them on the areas affected by baldness, thereby replacing the bad hair follicles with ones that are still good. This technique has been around for many years, but only recent developments in medicine and surgery have allowed it to become more successful and a good weapon to have in one’s arsenal. 

hair loss treatment

As I mentioned earlier in this article, hair loss is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it will continue to grow. As new technologies and procedures in medicine are developed, hope will give to those that suffer from baldness. Hope that will allow people to overcome this problem and win their very own battle of the bald. At some point in time there will be a discovery made that will cure this problem for good, perhaps the answer lies in space or deep in our oceans, but be sure that eventually a permanent cure will be found. For more on balding and treatment, please refer to

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Reasons To Use Organic Oils For Skin- and Hair Care

Your skin and hair are the most sensitive parts of your body that need proper care. Frequently cleaning them with clean water is one of the ways of taking good care of them, but that is not sufficient. Something extra has to be done to enhance the smoothness of your skin and the softness of your hair. 

The use of organic substances is what will help you achieve this. Unlike other conventional products that contain synthetic chemicals, organic oils are made from natural plant ingredients that moisturize the skin and nourish the hair without causing any side effects (as seen on The following are the reasons why you should organic oil for your skin and hair care:

1. They provide the best care without side effects

Most of the active ingredients contained in these natural oils are acquired from plant roots, fruits, leaves and also roots. This fact makes these products safe and effective to use on your skin and hair. The natural ingredients use to moisturize the skin and provide you with silky hair within a very short period of time. When you use them well, you will not be subjected to irritations or allergies of any kind. They are hypoallergenic and can be used by anyone regardless of the skin type, color, and condition. 

2. They deliver and give positive results

neem and jojoba oil

These oils contain natural active components vitamins that treat your hair and skin effectively and efficiently. Unlike the artificially manufactured oils, the natural ones give results with a short period of time and will not harm you. For example, coconut oil contains fatty acids, vitamins and other ingredients which stimulate hair growth and moisturizes the skin, making it strong. 

3. They are a lot cheaper

Unlike other products, organic products are so much cheaper and affordable. This is because they are acquired from the surrounding. Using this product will give you the best value for money as you will acquire them cheaply and get the best results. It will be wise to consider these products for your hair and skin care because of the advantages that come with them. Conventional products are usually costly and sometimes may not give you desired results, or they might have a harmful effect on your skin or hair.

The points stated above clearly give you the reasons why you should consider using organic products. If you want to enhance your beauty naturally, then consider using natural skin and hair care products. Fore more info on organic oils, including one we did not mention here, the jojoba oil, head over to

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Benefits of Cleansing The Colon With Bentonite Clay

Colon cleansing also known as colon therapy is a medical method said to cleanse and remove toxins from the colon and intestinal tract. Below is a list of benefits one can get when one uses bentonite clay as their cleansing method (more info on the Buy Bentonite Clay Mask website):

1. An increase in energy

People who have taken this form of cleansing claimed to have noticed changes in their bodies. When tested, the following was found to be true: they had increased energy, slept very well and their blood flow was better.

2. Digestive system becomes more effective

Studies show that when undigested food stays longer in the body it becomes a reproduction ground for bacteria which at the end will result in illness. Cleansing pushes waste out of your system as it clears all the undigested foods out of the system. This is especially true if you’re using a product like the super colon cleanse, check it out here: super colon cleanse review

3. Decreases cancer risk

Cancer is no joke. Anyone who has encountered a victim of this disease knows that the victims go through a slow death and suffer a lot. Cleaning doest necessarily get rid of all the cancers out there but what I can assure you is that after a proper cleansing, your chances of suffering from colon cancer will reduce by at list 50%. Cleansing will get rid of cancerous growths in your digestive tract.

4. Increases fertility

The foods we eat can affect the women’s egg and the males’ sperm. Cleansing will get rid of all toxic chemicals in the body. It’s best for couples in a relationship to go for cleansing so as to increase their chances of fertility. In women, it’s said that when women have more levels of estrogen, it becomes harder for them to get pregnant hence the reason for why couples should consider having a cleansing.

bentonite clay

5. Increases absorption of nutrients and vitamins in the body

A well-cleansed colon will allow your body to absorb water, nutrients, and vitamins into your bloodstream without any obstruction as all the toxic undigested foods will have been pushed out of your digestive tract making a way for all the important vitamins and nutrients.

Remember that precautions are necessary before trying this procedure among them being:

• Staying always hydrated by drinking lots of water as this cleansing method is known to cause dehydration.

• The second precaution is to ensure that your practitioner doesn’t recycle tools he/she had used on a previous treatment. 

• Check for any illnesses you might have. For instance, if you are suffering from any kidney disease then its advised not to proceed with this treatment as the end results might turn out to be dangerous.


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How I Use Organic Oils Everyday

Today, on Allergic Organic Health, I want to show you how you can use organic oils everyday to improve the look and health of your hair and skin. For this I have found the video above on YouTube that will take a lot of work off my hands.

I think it’s the perfect intro to the direction this blog will be going and I encourage you to watch it and comment below. Thank you!